eLearning Design and Development

2017 eLearning Industry Spring Report And Analysis

In order to help companies make the most of the opportunities 2017 presents, ELM commissioned a survey in Q1 exploring a range of factors that directly impact the quality of corporate learning programs. We surveyed 100 L&D leaders from Chief Learning Officers and executives to directors and managers to see what they were focused on for the year ahead, and also what trends they predict to see as we move through the year.

We took their answers and created a report that will help you navigate your way as we move into Q2, and bring insights and ideas to overcome any hurdles or barriers you may be facing this year. These survey findings can help organizational decision-makers assess how their learning programs measure up, underscore trends that are shaping learning strategies, and determine what changes need to be made in order to retain a competitive edge.

There are some key findings that will be exciting to watch, and we add in our own takeaways and interpretations to help you take the information in this report and use it in your current learning strategies.

In this report, we included our findings on:

  • Satisfaction with current learning programs
  • What skills matter most in 2017
  • Biggest challenges to overcome
  • Delivery method
  • Satisfaction with employee engagement
  • Learning strategies and methodologies
  • Biggest changes to initiate in 2017
  • Trends in budget size
  • The perception of learning and development

Any comments, questions, or feedback can be sent to marketing@elearningmind.com