Developing a Learning Culture

4 Barriers to eLearning – and How to Break Them Down

One of the major benefits of eLearning is the idea of autonomy: Learners don’t have to be in a classroom, and instructors can act more as facilitators. The trouble is once learners leave the classroom, barriers can derail progress. By prepping for possible barriers, you can put preemptive solutions in place that encourage independent learning.

Lack of Management Skills

A survey completed by research firm Towards Maturity found that a lack of user management skills and lack of knowledge surrounding eLearning were cited as barriers by 63 percent and 62 percent of managers, respectively. Even if you understand the purpose and mechanics of the module, you can’t expect the same from your learners.

Solution: Intro your material better and take the time to walk learners through different chapters, lessons and actions before setting them loose.

How Accessible is eLearning?

While your learners might have state-of-the-art technology at work, their home setup might not be so advanced. Add that to slow Internet and a lack of tools, and you have an accessibility issue. Without the proper tools and material, eLearners might not take the initiative to learn on their own time.

Solution: Add mobile applications to your module. They’re easier to access away from the computer and won’t take up as much bandwidth for slow or a lack of connections.

Relevance is Key!

When learners don’t feel like the material is relevant to them, they aren’t going to take the time to independently complete a module. Learners don’t want to waste time going over material they already know, so a lack of relevance and personalized controls can become a major barrier.

Solution: Build options into your module that allow learners to test out of chapters or skip ahead and they’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Lack of Goals

“What’s in it for me?” That might as well be the slogan for eLearners everywhere. Without clear goals and incentives, there’s little reason for completion. Learners lose interest and don’t take the time to finish without constant prodding.

Solution: Set up goals and incentives from the start, whether it’s earning badges or completing the module before a specific date to help learners understand expectations and want to finish.