Developing a Learning Culture

8 Signs of an All-Star Learning and Development Professional

Whether you’re in the market for an amazing learning and development specialist, you’re currently an L&D wannabe, or you are a seasoned L&D professional, there are a few things that all of the greats have in common. By staying informed, educated, and practicing what they preach, mediocre L&D rookies can make their way to becoming learning all-stars.

Here’s how to differentiate the newbies from the Lebron James of learning.

  1. They’re Well-Read

Like many industries, the L&D circle is privy to an almost-constant stream of new information, thoughts, and ideas surrounding everything from neurology to mood and method. The best L&D pros are the ones who take it upon themselves to read up on just about everything; even the stuff they might not agree with. It keeps them in the loop and ready to apply new techniques for learning. (Tweet This)

  1. They Invest in Their Own Development

Learning and development all-stars know that learning is perpetual, so they’re willing to invest in their own development and education. You’ll find the best of the best attending industry conferences and trade shows, signing up for online courses, and taking the time (and money) to make sure they’re the best they can be. (Tweet This)

  1. They’re Cheerleaders for Continuing Ed

An L&D pro isn’t only concerned with his own education; he acts as a cheerleader for continuing education for everyone. Whether it’s utilizing resources to improve job skills at work or promoting MOOCs and other personal learning tools, L&D all-stars never stop reminding people of the importance of continuing education. (Tweet This)

  1. They’re the Expert

The person running L&D within an organization needs to be styled as the expert in all things instructional. Through continuing education, training, and communication, the organization knows that when it comes to training, education, and talent management, there’s one person who has the answers: The L&D pro. (Tweet This)

  1. They Live to Serve

A person interested in becoming an L&D all-star needs to understand that learning doesn’t stop when the office door is closed. Instead, he lives, breathes, and demonstrates his dedication to his craft by constantly coming up with new methods, techniques, and ideas for making learning more engaging for his organization. (Tweet This)

  1. They View the Organization as Their Customer

Even if an L&D pro is on the payroll, the masters treat the organization not as their employers, but as their customers. When viewing an organization as a customer. L&D pros are more likely to go above and beyond, constantly delivering top-notch learning solutions, and never becoming too comfortable with their place in an organization. (Tweet This)

  1. They’re Proactive—Not Reactive

You won’t see an L&D great waiting around for something to go wrong. Instead, the best can readily identify gaps in training and talent management, and offer solutions before they become a bigger issue. (Tweet This)

  1. They Know Their Solutions

Because the best L&D professionals are well-read and constantly educating themselves, they already have a menu of solutions at the ready for when their organization runs into a potential training conflict or gap. They know the various delivery methods and how to accurately match delivery methods with content for the biggest impact. (Tweet This)

It takes time to make it from L&D rookie to all-star, but through practice, education, and a major commitment to all things learning, you can shift from student to teacher. Keep an ear out for the L&D buzz and you’ll be able to identify trends, keep up on the latest findings, and turn yourself into the best L&D pro possible.