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Microlearning: The Best Sites for Sharing

They say that sharing is caring – and it’s doubly true when you’re trying to share knowledge, education and training through social media. While social media may conjure images of cat videos and catching up with your high school friends, it can also be a powerful tool for creating and sharing microlearning material. After all, it’s a near-perfect medium for the bite-sized lessons associated with the quick study, thanks to short social media attention spans and a propensity for sharing online. The right social media accounts can make all the difference – especially if you share more than cat videos.


While Facebook still holds the title for most-used social networking site, don’t discount Twitter. Not only can you compact a lesson into 140 characters or less for the ultimate in little lessons, the site also offers web, image and video-sharing capabilities that make it easy for learners to scroll through their feeds and check out the latest and greatest.


If video is your method of microlearning delivery, YouTube is an excellent place to start. That’s because YouTube is unsurpassed in sharing tools. Embed your link, share online and interact with other YouTube visitors and you’re already extending your reach.


They’re not just for stay-at-home-moms and foodies anymore. Blogs condense principles into snackable bites, making them an ideal way to share your microlearning ideas. What’s more, your learners probably already read a few blogs, so adding a corporate or learning blog to their daily feeds makes learning part of a regular routine.

Corporate Networks

Private networks created especially for your organization give you a chance to share among your colleagues. Sites like YammerConvoKaltura and even private pages on Facebook make quick work of sharing microlearning lessons without broadcasting the material to the rest of the world – perfect if your stuff needs to stay confidential.