Developing a Learning Culture

Corporate eLearning for Your People: Can You Really Afford to Avoid It?

Research shows that instructor-led training events continue dominate the corporate learning landscape. However, in every aspect of our lives, technology has brought huge changes. Just 13 years ago, hardly anyone had a mobile phone (let alone a smartphone), yet even then we were so connected through technology, the specter of a global blue screen of death hung over us. We are even more connected now – to each other, to “big data”, to all manner of information systems.

Technology Changes the Work “Place” Up until recently, the workplace led the use of technology for personal and professional productivity. Advances have meant the workforce can be (and is encouraged to be) more mobile and make use of more tools to become more productive. Furthermore, the “where” and “when” of working has changed: where doesn’t matter, and when means “by the deadline”. Those who leverage technology more effectively (in products and/or processes) agree that it leads to success. Businesses are trying to lower baseline costs and increase top line profits. Add into the mix a fairly severe worldwide recession, and any training manager has a problem: how do we keep our people informed so that they can respond appropriately and effectively to the challenges they face?

Corporate eLearning = Training + Technology Corporate eLearning can easily sit into this mix. There is a higher initial outlay compared to instructor-led sessions, but once created, effective corporate eLearning can provide great results. Travel costs are slashed, as people can take the training that suits them when it suits them. This has benefits for learners, as they can be more motivated by taking control of their own learning. Furthermore, that initial development effort starts to pay off when you can use the same program for tens, hundreds or thousands of people.