Instructional Design

Casual Friday: Informal mLearning

Everyone loves Casual Friday: A chance to loosen the tie and reduce the formality of a traditional office setting. But what if that feeling you get when you swap heels for flip flops could be translated into a learning experience for employees? Mobile learning is an ideal way to promote more organic, casual learning – even when employees are away from their desks. Take your cue from other companies that have successfully integrated laid-back mLearning into their strategy.

Case Studies (RBS and Microsoft)

When confronted with the challenge to educate employees on the go, the Royal Bank of Scotland developed an iPad app so learners could access material anytime. By creating a branded experience across resources like an employee library and peer-to-peer communications, RBS was able to enhance use and give learners a portable, casual way to stay in the know.

Microsoft has also implemented mLearning, particularly for business conduct training. A companion piece to other eLearning modules, employees can download an app on their devices for quick access to reminders and materials to help them better integrate successfully into office culture.

Why mLearning Works

Mobile learning trends have shown that mlearning is the future, and that more and more users will be connected. Mobile learning gives learners the 24/7 ability to educate themselves. And, because everyone has a phone and/or tablet, it drastically increases accessibility. Of course, it’s not perfect: mLearning really works best when used in conjunction with other delivery methods and is ideal for “just in case” or quick information and reminders.

Workplace Applications

You don’t have to be a huge corporation to utilize mLearning. Whether it’s sending a quick, three-minute video via text or creating a deck of flash cards, viewable on mobile devices, you can start today to incorporate mLearning into your current learning strategy. By making learning accessible and casual, you might just find your learners more willing to loosen their ties, kick off their heels and actually get into the subject matter – anytime and anywhere.