Developing a Learning Culture

eLearning: Healthcare Applications for Timely Information

Most doctor’s offices contain blood pressure machines, scales and observation tables, but most also feature a colorful wall of textbooks and files. What if your doctor could condense all that information? Thanks to eLearning, healthcare professionals are being better trained in new patient management systems and procedures to offer you a better experience. The result is faster service and more accurate results. See how healthcare is embracing the benefits of online learning.

Implement New Systems To Decrease Patient Wait Time

Patient management systems offer statically better, faster care across the board – and across providers. Without training in how to best implement a management system, some doctors might be stuck in the past, using paper files and faxes to stay up-to-date. eLearning offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn more about management systems and processes to streamline for more accurate care. So what does this mean for the patient? Less time waiting!

eLearning Delivers Clinical Information To You And Your Doctor

The Einstein Healthcare Network, based in Philadelphia, has utilized eLearning to create an online, highly accessible library for healthcare providers. With the availability of clinical information, trials and past experiences, doctors can quickly learn more about the outlook and procedures offered for a specific issue. This means quick, microlearning on the spot as you discuss your care options together. The same library offers information on risk assessment and automating processes for better care.

eLearning Gives Healthcare Staff More Time To Learn

The medical field is one that enjoys rapid innovation. Unfortunately, that innovation can become a double edged sword when professionals don’t have up-to-the-minute information. eLearning allows healthcare professionals to learn about new protocol, procedures and developments on their own time, which is why hospitals and clinics across the country are implementing programs for doctors, nurses and healthcare management staff. It’s a quick way to push out new information to those who need it the most.