Developing a Learning Culture

eLearning: The New Status Quo

There will always be a million reasons to stay the same, but corporate learning vigilantes know that affecting change can cause a massive paradigm shift in the workplace. Unfortunately, those innovators can be stifled by corporate protocol, heritage programs and managers who want to avoid “rocking the boat.” What’s a creative rebel to do? By proving the merits of custom e-Learning and using available tools, you can go from a “yes man” to someone who really affects change at work.

Access to Information Anywhere

One of the main benefits of adding an eLearning platform to a corporate training program is the idea of continual and easy access to the information. The conventional idea that learning can only take place in the classroom can be challenged when you prove that learning can happen anywhere: From waiting for the train to watching reality TV at home. Utilizing mediums like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube means learners can access material in ways they probably already use anyway.

This 24/7 link to information can do more than keep learners’ eyes glued to the material: It becomes a valuable way to update procedures and send “need to know” directly to those who need it the most. Saving money, reducing workplace resources and increasing efficiency – who can say no to that?

Performance Analysis for eLearning

Classroom-only training programs are woefully difficult to track. Sure, you can get bodies in the room, but you don’t really know how they’re absorbing the material. In fact, there’s a good chance that your learners forget the material about the time they walk out the door. Challenge that way of thinking by proving how effectively performance can be measured via eLearning. Corporate gamificationand online forums are excellent ways to test skills, prove understanding and elicit discussion around the material. Learners become more entrenched in the content, and managers can sit back and measure growth.

Affecting Change at Work

Hey, it’s hard to make a change, especially when your organization has been using the same programs for years. But whether you’re in a management position or you’re just a concerned citizen, putting the right programs in the right hands can make all the difference.

Check out organizations that are doing it right, or run your own test drive to see how your department reacts to things like mobile updates or sharing on Facebook. It’ll give you the ammo you need to prove that the current status quo – when it comes to training and development – can actually hurt an organization’s forward motion.

Sure, you might be considered a bit of a rebel, but working to revolutionize the way your organization thinks about onboarding, training and talent development can make your ideas go mainstream. Speak up and prove your worth and you might just go from eLearning rebel to impactful leader.