Instructional Design

Microlearning: Turning Subject Matter Experts into Influencers

If learners are only going to commit a few minutes of their time to microlearning with an SME, it had better be a good one. By turning SMEs into full-blown online influencers, you’re able to extend your reach past the usual suspects. Subject matter experts should be more than just experts, but thought leaders who have the ability to reach learners and know how to maximize content. By using the right tools, your SME can make the switch from information source to influencer and emergent leader for a more impactful message.

Share and Share Alike

An online influencer knows that social media is the best way to spread a message. That’s why your SME should have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social accounts from which they can share his microlearning lessons. Whether it’s a quick video training session, a comprehensive and entertaining list or even a quote for the day, the more places the lesson is shared, the bigger the impact of the overall message.

Getting Involved

Your SME needs to do more than just post updates to make the leap from expert to influencer. By getting involved with online forums, boards, groups and even chats, an SME becomes an integral part of the industry information loop. Hey, it only makes sense that learners are more likely to listen to someone they already know and respect, even if it’s just on an online forum.

Invite Collaboration

You may need to remind your SME that to become an influencer, they must also show interest in others. By subscribing to feeds, eliciting comments and asking for collaboration, an SME proves that they’re a team player and in it for the best information – not just to peddle their own. Blogs, Twitter and forums can help your SME be seen as someone who influences – and respects – others.