Measuring Impact

How Four Companies are Blending Platforms for eLearning Success

Choosing your eLearning platforms and delivery systems can be a lot like choosing dinner from a gourmet menu: It’s hard to make a decision because everything looks so good. But some organizations are proving that you can have your cake and eat it too by using several methods of eLearning concurrently to create a true feast for the senses. By understanding how organizations are utilizing technology, social media and even online forums, you can cook up an eLearning solution that seriously hits the spot.

Incorporating Remote Learning with the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention require dead-on affiliate reporting to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information at all times. Unfortunately, when dealing with different agencies and affiliates, the reporting could get lost in translation. Enter their remote training solution: A globally-accessible training module that teaches affiliates the correct way to report to the CDC, anytime and anywhere. It reduces the need for individualized training and can be accessed by anyone to ensure that the CDC information pipeline continues to flow smoothly.

InSync Practices What They Preach with Synchronous Learning

InSync is a leader in synchronous learning, and its employees have to be experts in the eLearning industry. Recently, the organization had to put its money where its mouth is: The educate employees, company-wide certification-based training program was the answer, but the training was time-sensitive. Enter the synchronous learning platform: An Internet-based, easily accessible e-course with a specific timeline and regular check-ins with the instructor. Over the course timeline, learners could become certified experts in synchronous learning – all while practicing what they preach.

Rio Tinto Utilizes Face-to-Face Training for Confidentiality

Online courses don’t always make sense, particularly when the information being shared is sensitive and confidential. That’s why sustainable development leader Rio Tinto utilizes old-fashioned face-to-face training tactics for their anti-corruption training. Face-to-face learning with an instructor illustrates how important anti-corruption training is to the company, while offering an individualized experience for learners.

T-Mobile Updates Reps with Asynchronous Learning

When information needs to be updated on a right here, right now basis, waiting around for a course to start isn’t an option. That’s where T-Mobile found themselves when customer service reps complained that product updates took too long to update on a synchronous platform. Instead, T-Mobile swapped out for an asynchronous module where reps could access information anytime they wanted. The cell giant even extended the train of through to online customer service, creating forums and communities where users could learn from an online knowledge base and ask questions in real time – on their own time.

It’s exciting to see what established companies and start-up organizations are cooking up when it comes to eLearning and development for their employees and customers. Whether you’re craving something timely or you’re in the mood for a more traditional approach, the advances in eLearning technology means you’re able to order a la carte to create the perfect training blend to meet your needs.