Developing a Learning Culture

How to Brand for the Ages with eLearning

You can have the snappiest, hippest, kewlest brand in the world, but unintentional brand dilution can rob your company’s identity and its most valuable asset. The brand book prescribes when, where and how to apply the brand. The question is how best to educate the organization on the rules of applying the brand, and the answer is eLearning.

Brand Books for the 21st Century

You can update the brand book and put out bulletins until the cows come home, but no one outside of marketing is going to read them. If the employees don’t understand the brand and the use of its elements, the brand deteriorates, and the organization’s value diminishes. Captivate new hires with eLearning and keep them hooked with edutainment updates that engage. Done right, with a family of characters and/or scenarios, the whole organization will clamor for updates.

The Gospel According to Brand

In a recent Forbes article, Ron Faris, former head of Brand Marketing for Virgin Mobile USA, says, “The best way to create a loyal customer following is to build brand religion. When a fanatic becomes emotional, he or she is more apt to pay more, wait longer and share louder.” Zeal, Apple is thy name! Bring more believers into your fold and the passion becomes self-sustaining as long as the company remains true to the winning brand. Repetition keeps the brand sterile and the regular drumbeat—short, fun eLearning modules—keeps costs contained while spreading the gospel of the brand. You can’t capture your market without first capturing your employees.

Winning Brands Spend the Big Bucks

It’s worth whatever it costs to maintain a winning brand. What do you think of when you hear “Clydesdales”? Anheuser-Busch spends a fortune on their brands, but you can’t think “Clydesdale” without thinking “Bud.” That’s the power of the winning brand, and that’s what eLearning can do for your winning brand book.