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Roundup Series: Performance Management

Performance Mangement is getting a lot of attention these days as more and more companies begin to realize that their current process is outdated or inefficient. Many of our clients have come to us looking for a new solution to their outdated, traditional performance reviews, that do not address many of their constant pain points like:

  • Managers (more often than not) don’t have the skillset to manage performance
  • Lack of consistency of performance measures across departments
  • Inconsistent or no follow up after performance reviews
  • And a number of other pain points…

Because this topic has been one of the most frequent requests we’ve been receiving this year, we’ve gathered some of our best articles on the subject to give you a one-stop shop on your journey to learning more about how to transform your company’s performance management process.

1. So many companies today depend on the annual performance review to be an accurate performance measure for a year, unfortunately, they’re hurting themselves (just ask Adobe). Take a look at this article for some ideas on how to move away from the once a year performance measure:

2. If you want to see the how and why company decides to overhaul their performance measures, take a look at this case study from one of our clients and discover what changes they made that affected their decision:

3. No one ever said that a performance evaluation needs to be one standard form, in fact, we think they should look like marketing campaigns. Marketing uses psychology to entice you to buy, and the same tactics can be used for performance measures.

If you’re ready to get started on a new program let us know here because performance management is still no easy task, but it also no longer needs to be a dreaded one. With some creativity and innovation, you can get your best results and lead your company, and your employees into a more engaging future.