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3 Secret Benefits of Custom eLearning Course Development

You already know the facts: Custom eLearning is superior because it increases user engagement and offers the most control and creativity when it comes to content. But while those are definitely vital and worthy goals, there might be a few hidden benefits of custom eLearning that you’ve never considered. Besides the obvious increase in training and development efficacy, you might be surprised at benefits like brand alignment and reusable assets. The bottom line? Custom eLearning is the gift that keeps on giving.

1.  Reusable Assets

Reduce, recycle and reuse: It’s the chant used by the environmentally conscious. But it could become the new motto for eLearning development, too. It’s true that most of your eLearning investment will come at the start of the project, but assets, templates and media can be used again and again, reducing your overall training costs.

Whether it’s a new template used for various training topics, or a stock photo library pulled together from your organization’s databases, custom eLearning lays the groundwork for a more automated, inexpensive process in the future. Unlike traditional courses, which require live teachers and near-constant restructuring, your custom eLearning templates and lessons can be used again and again to cut costs and create a smooth and constant experience for learners.

2. Renewed Interest

Some organizations believe that if it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it. This attitude is applied to eLearning, resulting in heritage training programs being used for years with little more than quick updates. But what these organizations don’t understand is that while the subject matter and delivery system might be solid, it’s their user engagement levels that are broken.

When the same training modules are used repeatedly for years, it creates a disconnect between learners – particularly those who have experienced the material before. Instead of engaging with the module, they click through without really absorbing the information. When presented with better-designed and more engaging eLearning, learners are apt to sit up and take notice, increasing their absorption and renew their interest in the subject matter.

3. Brand Alignment

Consider a glossy fashion brand: The marketing team goes to great lengths to present the brand as high-end, polished and trend-forward. Advertisements and social networking reflect that image. But somehow, when creating training materials, the same high-gloss fashion brand offers a lackluster PowerPoint presentation for their learners. The brand and the eLearning don’t add up.

Custom eLearning means the ability to ensure that your outward- and inward-facing reputations align. With a more tailored experience, your internal training matches your external investment to protect your brand integrity and create a seamless transition from marketing materials to training and development throughout the organization.

Custom eLearning means the ability to address your organization’s unique needs. Unfortunately, heritage or one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always give you the control over user experience, brand alignment and media that you could have with custom eLearning. An investmentwell worth your time, you’ll be surprised at just how far custom solutions can reach.