Instructional Design

Technology 101: 4 Questions to Ask Before Starting an eLearning Project

So you’re getting ready to start a new eLearning project: You’ve researched the best technology, communicated with the SME and have all of the information that you need – or do you? When you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the right answers and that could affect the outcome of your instructional design. Make sure you grill the right people about the nitty gritty details to help align visions and create the best material possible.

What is the end goal for this project?

The person commissioning the eLearning project should be able to tell you exactly what the organization hopes to gain through the program. Whether it’s increased sales, better information, training techniques or another goal, knowing what the organization wants out of the eLearning experience can help you plan your approach.

What are the current obstacles for training?

Organizations often turn to eLearning as a way to marry technology with efficiency to improve the training and learning process. Ask about past attempts – what type of training technique did they use and what were the outcomes. If an organization struggles with user retention, you could incorporate technology – such as gamification – to capture user interest.

Who is your baseline learner?

Make an effort to understand your target learner. Understanding their current level of education, methods by which they learn best and current job objectives, you can include personalization that helps learners really connect with the instructional design.

Who has the final say?

Before you begin a project, you’ll need to know exactly who will be signing off on the end result. Will you be working directly with the SME or is there a project manager overseeing the development? Knowing who’s in charge can help you connect and communicate with the person whose opinion matters the most for future success