Developing a Learning Culture

Why High-Impact Learning Organizations Have All the Luck

Making workplace training a priority is one thing. Making it one of the centerpieces of a successful business strategy? That’s the practice of a High-Impact Learning Organization (HILO). A HILO is one that reaps benefits like increased globalization and better organizational alignment from creating learning and management opportunities for all employees.

High-impact learning organizations know that talent management, proper training, and continual learning are much more than just a mandatory 30-minute PowerPoint presentation; it’s an actual attitude or strategy within the company. The shift from typical training to a HILO brings with it some very specific benefits—could your organization’s current strategy be missing out?

Why HILOs?

In a report released in 2012, Bersin identified three key areas in which HILOs are besting the competition.

  1. HILOs outperform their peers. The report by Bersin found that HILOs experienced profit growth that was three times greater than organizations that did not have a learning management strategy in place.
  2. HILOs experience an attitude shift. The companies considered HILOs know that it’s not just workplace training, but actual capability development and talent management that makes the difference. It’s a distinct attitude shift between the “Do I have to?” sentiment of yesteryear’s training, resulting in employees who actually want to learn.
  3. HILOs keep up with L&D tech. The organizations that are willing to invest in learning understand that the industry is, as Bersin says, “reskilling itself.” There is no shortage of development in the L&D sphere, so new technology, collaboration tools, delivery methods, research, and assessment tools are easily adopted by HILOs as a way to continuously improve and adapt.

It’s more than just better training: HILOs understand the difference that talent management can make–from the top-down–to an entire organization.

What Can You Expect from a HILO?

HILOs enjoy serious benefits when compared to their less-enthused counterparts. When learning becomes a priority, it affects everything from the C-suite to budget meetings. Here are just a few of the ways becoming a HILO makes the difference:

  • HILOs enjoy reduced spending on training, since L&D efforts take less time and are more effective than traditional methods.
  • HILOs benefit from better engagement from employees. They feel as though they’re an active factor in an organizations success, and react accordingly with more motivation and more commitment.
  • HILOs take advantage of technology and the ever-changing nature of L&D as an industry, which leads to more efficient methods.
  • HILOs simplify globalization, which each branch on the same page regardless of geographical location.
  • HILOs experience a high degree of organizational alignment, from execs to entry-level employees who are all committed to learning and talent development, keeping the best employees where they are.

A High-Level Learning Organization understands that while it takes a significant investment of time, budget, and manpower, switching the mindset from training by rote to actual learning efforts could make all the difference. From motivation to profits, there’s no excuse for approaching training at a low level. For HILOs, it’s go big or go home.