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You Don’t Know Jack

eLearning Mind introduces Jack Maklouf, Director of eLearning (and published children’s author!)

What made you want to stay on as Director of eLearning at eLearning Mind after selling the company?

The truth is that I would not have entertained any offer if I didn’t feel that I could actually work with the key players.  The like-minded nature of our conversations primarily with Andrew and Simon gave me confidence that they embodied the right business philosophy, ethic, and positive leadership that I wanted to be part of the growth of eLearning Mind.

I was lucky to design a new role for myself – a fortunate opportunity that I’d wish for any working professional. I knew that my role needed to play to my strengths and passions – blending the super fun and inspirational role of creative director and solution architect with the equally empowering role of eLearning designer and developer. I wanted to stay hands-on – as working with clients to design the right solutions was personally gratifying.

What’s the most satisfying part about your job?

I’m a people person and a problem solver – so I enjoy brainstorming with our clients as they are identifying eLearning initiatives. My personal reward comes from architecting the right eLearning or blended learning solution that meets their unique organizational goals.

If you could share one essential insight about eLearning with the learning and development community what would it be?

Its equal parts art, instructional design, and technology. Striking the right balance for any given eLearning initiative is an essential skill that translates to engaging eLearning courses that actually achieve the desired results.

What is a mistake you see young designers make over and over?

Glossing over important front-end steps like gap analysis or really understanding the intended audience prior to jumping in and building an eLearning course. There is much love for tools and technology-enabled learning but the fundamental best practices of instructional design still hold true no matter what the next cool tool of the day is.