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Learning Experience Design: Putting Your Learners First

For years the industry norm has been instructional design that focuses solely on the structure and flow of the learning modules, regardless of how the learners will connect with the course. This creates a disconnect between the training and the daily experiences your learners have, thus making it less effective. When it comes to our courses, we put the learners first and call it: Learning Experience Design. By building the learning around daily experiences and company culture, the employees will feel how the training is unique to them and will better understand when to apply what they’ve learned. 

The ADDIE Model

In order to ensure we’re hitting the target with each module, we follow the ADDIE Model: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. Using this approach is like following a well-known map to a destination you need to get to quickly. It helps designers do rapid prototypes while staying on a steady course towards a beautiful finished product.