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Neurolearning, the key to effective eLearning

Neurolearning™ is ELM’s trademarked approach to make content that sticks with learners and delivers results. This innovative, proprietary framework combines insights from modern cognitive theory, adult learning theory, and design theory to create truly effective training. 

Putting NeurolearningTM into Practice

We begin the development of every eLearning course by researching your specific learners and applying principles of both cognitive theory and adult learning theory.

Before starting any project, our team takes the time to research your company’s culture and your team’s objectives. We use that background to understand your learners’ unique context, so we can create a customized experience that takes into account all of the things that make your company and this training unique. 

We then combine this with targeted cognitive and learning strategies, like the Adkar Model of Behavioral Change, to provide an effective framework for our eLearning.

6 Pillars of Neurolearning™ Design

With that foundation in place, we start development using the 6 pillars of NeurolearningTM design: 

  1. Create a Positive Mood
  2. Get & Hold their Attention
  3. Make them Feel
  4. Make it Bite-Sized
  5. Space it Out
  6. Generate Knowledge

With this approach, we formulate a custom strategy and a targeted eLearning course for every partner organization.