Adding SOCIAL MEDIA to your learning and development strategy takes it to greater heights. We’re not talking about inane water-cooler chitchat; we’re talking about exploring and exchanging ideas across departments and locations within the enterprise. SOCIAL LEARNING, when implemented properly:

  • Engages learners
  • Gives learners an informal environment to receive peer help with the course curriculum and explore learning beyond the curriculum
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Provides an atmosphere for go-getters to find mentors to guide them through the career maze

It slices; it dices… This is beginning to sound like a late night, 30-minute commercial, but the benefits of social learning are enormous, and one day in the not too distant future, employers might want to see a copy of prospective employees’ eLearning records (which will include social learning) along with their resumes.

Depending on your corporate culture, CONVINCING LEADERSHIP that social media adds value to the corporate training program could be a tough sell. Businesses that already take advantage of the Internet for outreach should immediately embrace the idea.

Social learning can take place behind the firewall, on established sites on the Internet, or in both locations. With all the social learning tools available, there are additional paths of exploration to suit every taste: blogs, comments and ratings, forums, wikis, polls, social bookmarking and gamification.