Whether you’re just testing the waters or you’re ready to plunge into a new career, if you’re new to eLearning, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Differing opinions, strategy, and philosophies can make muddy water out of your experience. So, don’t go alone: Let these amazing eLearning blogs, sites, and experts be your guides in all things instructional. These are some of the best in the biz:

  1. Jennifer Valley  Jennifer Valley boasts over five years of instructional design experience, and her site is packed with resources for the newbie. A self-proclaimed eLearning geek, she offers info on everything from animation to authoring.
  2. Mike Taylor  Want your information and your visual impact too? Check out Mike Taylor’s blog. He’s an eLearning expert and designer whose blog packs a hefty graphic punch. Great for a design-centric novice who wants an insider’s opinion.
  3. Elliott Masie Elliott Masie offers an incredibly consistent blog (and newsletter) that can bring you up to speed on the latest trends involving leadership, strategy, trends, and all things eLearning. A frequent contributor to other publications, Masie’s newsletter is read by over 52,000 L&D pros, so you should probably be one of them.
  4. Connie Malamed More than just an instructional designer, Connie Malamed likes to get into learners’ heads using a combination of learning psychology and practical strategy. She also offers an app (Instructional Design Guru) and a book (Visual Language for Designers,2011), and did we mention she also runs a podcast, The eLearning Coach? Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for all things eLearning.
  5. David Anderson  David Anderson is a prolific eLearning expert, plus he curates and writes a number of eLearning articles, relying heavily on his wit and wisdom to talk about the latest trends and strategy for his Articulate blog.
  6. Bryan Jones As a consultant for Fortune 1000 companies, Bryan Jones has learned a thing or two about eLearning. And luckily, he’s willing to share on his blog, where he covers media-based topics, since the site is also a treasure trove of eLearning stock images.
  7. Tom Kuhlmann Practically synonymous with eLearning, Tom Kuhlmann is a name that most in the industry know. He runs the Articulate blog Rapid eLearning, where he holds the hands of eLearning novices, thanks to his 10+ years of insight and experiencing in the industry.
  8. Garr Reynolds  As a worldwide speaker and thought leader for eLearning, leadership, and presentations, Garr Reynolds offers everything from Ted Talks to a Presentation Zen book that details ways to capture learners’ attention and tap into motivational factors.
  9. Ryan Tracey Ryan Tracey’s eLearning Provocateur blog covers topics like eLearning tips, upcoming industry conferences, and learning theories. An instructional designer at heart, Tracey puts his 10+ years of experience to work by offering up opinion-based articles that just might influence the way you think about eLearning.
  10. Jane Bozarth  It might not be the most visually stimulating blog we’ve ever seen, but don’t let that deter you: Jane Bozarth is an extraordinary instructional design specialist who is an expert on the creation, design, and even outsourcing of eLearning modules. It’s a no-nonsense approach perfect for someone who still needs a solid foundation in eLearning.

While it’s definitely important to develop your own eLearning voice, learning from some of the best in the biz can help you navigate your way, shape your opinions, and help you gain your footing in a fast-moving industry. And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our very own eLearning blog as well.