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eLearning: Why Developing Countries are Getting Onboard

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While you may hear “eLearning” and think of high-tech education, it’s developing countries that may be making the most use of the emerging educational method. While it’s being harnessed for on-the-job training and self-led education alike, eLearning has also struck a chord for those developing countries most in need of a skilled workforce. See how […]

Integrating Microlearning into an Existing eLearning Strategy

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If you already have an eLearning strategy firmly in place, you might wonder why you would need anything else. Before you consider your training and eLearning sorted, you may be missing part of the puzzle if you neglect to add microlearning to your strategy. While eLearning software and training can help an organization teach new […]

Blended Learning as a Gateway to eLearning and Training Efficiency

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Here’s a problem faced by many who run or provide a training function: eLearning is not a question: it is a given.  There are hundreds of hours (in a year, month, in some cases in a week) spent on training new hires.  Even more time is spent on refresher training for remedial or regular maintenance […]

Instructional Design Best Practices for Creating Meaningful Compliance Training

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One of the biggest challenges in instructional design is getting the learner interested, motivated, and engaged in mandatory learning experiences. Developing mandatory or compliance training for job safety, corporate security, OSHA, HIPAA, etc. is challenging because the learner may not be self-motivated to complete the program. It’s a matter of something they “have” to do rather than […]

The Flipped Classroom: How a Grade-School Mentality Can Improve eLearning

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It was author Robert Fulgham who penned the group of essays entitled “All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”The tidbits of advice grace the walls of kindergarten classrooms everywhere, including gems like “When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together,” and “Remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the […]

Microlearning Content Creation Tips

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Consider your own learning style. What do you remember best? The information you were forced to receive at an inconvenient time and place or the knowledge you requested? Google Helpouts and TED-Ed are just two well known examples of the reach microlearninghas achieved. Savvy HR professionals should keep in mind the lessons their popularity has […]

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