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  • May 16, 2016

    5 Ways To Effectively Teach Soft Skills To Your Sales Team [Infographic]

    By: Andrew Fayad

    We all know that the best sales people have the “it” factor that no one seems to be able to describe. It’s in the way they communicate to a customer, that connects with them beyond the surface level, and spawns an immediate likeability and trust. Sales managers wish they could clone this person’s hard to train […]

  • August 17, 2015

    3 Ways Learner Mood Affects Your Entire Organization

    By: Andrew Fayad

    No, you’re not reading the inside of a fortune cookie: We really believe that happiness makes all the difference in your work. And we’re not just talking about individual warm fuzzy feelings, but how mood can affect an entire workplace. Happiness is a sometimes-forgotten barometer of organizational health. When crunching numbers, analyzing ROI, and analyzing employee […]

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