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  • February 19, 2015

    FB@Work: Facebook Time Wasting Costs Employers $650 Billion per Year

    By: Aaron Hill

    Employers lose 650 billion (with a B) big ones each year thanks to the workforce’s obsession with social media. Blocking, banning and bullying hasn’t worked to turn off the spigot, so does it make sense to harness the medium by adding a new Facebook platform to the corporate mix and requiring, or at least sanctioning, its […]

  • August 27, 2014

    Elements of Cost: What to Expect When Investing in eLearning

    By: Andrew Fayad

    Custom eLearning means tailoring solutions to fit your organization’s needs exactly. But it also means that knowing exactly what to budget for those needs can be tricky to predict. Because the final cost is so dependent on eLearning elements, interactivity and organizational materials, you’ll need to reconcile your costs with the investment in your company’s training […]

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