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  • October 09, 2015

    4 Video Game Elements to Steal for Your Next Webinar

    By: Andrew Fayad

    Unless you’re a total noob, you know that video games are onto something when it comes to engaging players and getting them hooked. But consider this: According to ESRB, the average gamer is 34 years old. It’s a surprising number and one that might look suspiciously similar to that of the age of your average learner. […]

  • August 06, 2014

    Video Based Learning: A Guide to Launching an Effective Video eLearning Strategy

    By: Andrew Fayad

    By now, you’ve probably seen BuzzFeed’s Tasty videos cropping up on your Facebook news feed: Short, appealing cooking videos that show you how to make mouthwatering foods in about 30 seconds or less. With over 55 million Facebook fans, it’s almost impossible to check your profile without triggering a craving for nachos.

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