Developing a Learning Culture

3 Key Factors You Should Condsider in Choosing a Digital Learning Vendor

When you’re on the hunt for a digital learning vendor to help you create, refine, and curate better training, you probably know some of the important things to look for: A robust portfolio of clients or an organization that will listen to you and create the learning you’ve envisioned. But while you’re turning over each proverbial stone to find the vendor best for you, you might be missing some of the key factors. By vetting a vendor fully, you’ll find the learning company that gives you the best results. Consider these factors before beginning your search:

1. Asking the Right Questions

Any learning vendor worth its salt will ask some of the right questions. They’ll want to know about past training initiatives, what content you already have on hand, and to grill you about your learning goals.

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But what about how you want your learners to feel? What’s your current workplace culture like? What should learners take away once they’ve completed a course? These are some of the questions that typical eLearning companies aren’t asking. You’re not looking for a vendor; you’re looking for a learning partner to take your content, training, and goals and create something truly impactful. Look for a partner that is proactive in creation solutions and not just dressing up the same old eLearning programs for every client.

2. Following the Right Process

When a learning company wants to shoehorn your problem into one of their pre-existing solutions, it’s painfully obvious that you’re not getting the individual treatment. Avoid that by taking a closer look at their overall process. How do you go from your first meetings to a finished product you love?

At ELM, we use a process called blueprinting to create individual solutions for clients. By sitting down and communicating about general ideas and then using those to map out learning and create a completely customized experience, we get better results. Your digital learning partner should be as concerned (if not more concerned) with the journey as they are the destination.

3. Offering the Right Services

It’s pretty rare that one learning vendor offers all the services that you need under one roof. They might be able to design what you want, but what about branding and messaging? We know that the best digital learning plays into your company’s culture and utilizes specific branding that enhances recall. Your learning should feel like a part of your business, not some add-on supplement.

Luckily, we utilize all the members of our team to offer an end-to-end partner experience. More and more we have organizations coming to ELM to actually brand the learning, not just create programs. By working with communications in the learning and development arena, we’re not just creating digital learning; we’re creating digital learning for the right learner. Later, branded images and experiences become learning triggers because they’re targeted to the right people.

Not all learning vendors are created equally, which is why we prefer to consider ourselves learning partners. Instead of a standalone service, ELM offers a way to reorganize and overhaul your learning efforts to get the best results. By asking about these factors the next time you’re looking for a partner, you’ll find a learning company that truly creates smart, beautiful design for your organization.