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The mobile app design company that develops truly mobile learning

We spend our days glued to screens. Learning on the go through mobile devices is one of the most convenient and effective options available. That’s why we’re a mobile app design company that develops custom apps for truly mobile eLearning.

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Proper mobile app design & development

“Anytime, anywhere” is the fundamental premise of mobile learning. However, it’s not just a matter of having an eLearning platform that’s responsive or adapts to mobile environments.

ELM, as a mobile app design agency, lives up to the mobile learning premise implements it seamlessly. We don’t just adapt web-based courses to mobile devices’ screen sizes. Instead, we create learning apps specifically for visualization on mobile devices from scratch.

We know that app-based platforms go beyond traditional eLearning platforms when it comes to mobile learning. Why? Because mobile learning apps meet the requirements of learning on the go by design, not adaptation.

Highly intuitive optimized content & interaction

Convenient mobile learning tools don’t happen by accident. Our designers and developers make sure to optimize content for visualization on mobile devices. The level of convenience compensates for the lack of heavy graphics you’d find in a desktop learning environment.

Besides optimized content, we build mobile learning apps with engaging interaction. We carefully design every button and interaction element that we include in our mobile learning apps. We keep in mind at all times that your learners will interact with the app on a smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, our mobile app design and development process allows delivering apps with no learning curve. For us, intuitive means hard made easy,and our design expertise will make mobile learning as functional as it is engaging.

Customization plus functionality

We’re all about customization. We’re proud to deliver our clients the most personalized learning experiences they need to get the results they aim for. And we couldn’t give you custom mobile learning if we relied on traditional eLearning platforms.

That’s why we create and build specific mobile learning apps for specific courses or training programs. And that’s how you offer your employees, partners, or customers mobile learning experiences that fit your culture and goals.

Sounds complex? Well, it’s challenging, but we love great challenges and have the development force to pull it off!

In addition to customization, we focus on the functionality of the apps we deliver. So, we’re always up to date with the latest mobile learning technology. Because of that, we choose and use the right software platforms, frameworks, and tools every time. To us, a mobile learning experience is not about fitting content on the screen; it’s about using technology to make learning content count.

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