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Chances are that your learners already have a powerful learning machine right in their pocket: their smartphones. Mobile learning, or mLearning, is a form of distance education that is instantly accessible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Learning content is presented through interactive and social platforms at the learner’s convenience—at home, school, plane, café, or on the road. 

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Why mobile learning?

The Pew Research Center found that 85% of American adults have a smartphone, and the vast majority uses it for more than calling and texting. Smartphones are already GPS devices, speakers, microphones, cameras, and calendars—why not tools for learning on the go? Effective mobile learning capitalizes on the tools already available on mobile devices, such as reminders, location-specific information, and even personal settings, making the content engaging and customizable.

Our mobile learning approach

At ELM, we know that the trick to maximizing the impact of mobile learning solutions starts with planning. By understanding how brains work, we build mechanics into mLearning that let learners focus on what matters most by using these principles: 

  • Short and sweet. Think of mobile phones as an index card. Learners who have to swipe and scroll to get through pages of content are going to lose focus faster. Our corporate mobile learning solutions give learners exactly what they need; no more. 
  • Content diversity. Learners love smartphones because of the sheer array of content they can get at any given time. We offer a diversified approach by introducing diverse characters and scenarios and getting creative with the types of media used. 
  • Mobile-first mentality. Trying to read a website or manipulate content that was clearly not optimized for smaller screens can be incredibly frustrating. When designing for mobile learning, we always keep user experience front and center. 
  • Adapt the tools. Too often, organizations think of mLearning as displaying the same information on a smaller screen. But that only uses around five percent of what smartphones can really do. By utilizing smartphone mechanics like location services, games, pressing, pinching, or even the onboard microphone, we’ll help your learners find different ways to learn and stay engaged. 

With corporate mobile learning, you can get your learners’ attention with flash card reminders or supply your sales team with product information when they need it the most. When you harness the full power of mobile learning, there’s nowhere you can’t go.

Is mobile learning the right approach?

Mobile learning is completely customizable, so don’t worry about an all-or-nothing approach. Whatever the content and experience you’re looking for, our mobile learning design experts can create the right experience for your learners. Consider any or all of the following mobile learning design methods: 

  • You want a scaled-down version of your current module so it’s viewable on mobile devices. No changes are made to your existing efforts except the size of screen on which it will be viewed, bandwidth used, etc.
  • You want a mobile version that will respond to whatever device your learner is using, so it’s full-size on a desktop, but mobile optimized for tablets. Your module will detect the type of device being used and adjust automatically.
  • You want a mobile version of your module that adapts to your learners’ specifications, including language, geographical locations, and personal settings. The module adapts to the learner’s environment and reduces the need for learner toggling (and faster access to the right material at the right time).
  • You want a fully-optimized mobile module that supplements current efforts, but can also act as a standalone module that utilizes on-board tools like the microphone, video, and GPS features. It’s not a mobile version of the same course—it’s a different product entirely.
  • Any or all of the above

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  • Mobile learning is the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to deliver content to your learners. Mobile learning design utilizes the portability and convenience of mobile devices and repackages content for smaller screens. Mobile learning can be anything from smartphone flash cards to text reminders, video content, or native apps. 


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