About us

We believe that organizations can succeed when they commit to building a culture of continuous learning.

Who we are

Founded in 2013, ELM Learning is an eLearning agency made up of designers, leaders, and visionaries who believe learning and development are not single events, but continuous processes. Our learning programs get measurable results because we combine Neurolearning™ principles, design thinking, and compelling storytelling.


Our mission is to create meaningful learning experiences that build community within organizations.

Learning is both humble and human. It brings people together to exchange ideas, form stronger bonds, and grow. Learning experiences can be transformational for organizations. We believe that when people work together with a shared commitment to growing through learning, they can become unstoppable.

We don’t sell learning services, we create learning relationships.

This isn’t a one-and-done learning solution that just checks a box. We help organizations foster long-term growth from the inside out, with a focus on building a happier and more fulfilled workforce. Our approach combines the science of Neurolearning™ principles with design thinking and compelling storytelling to create engaging experiences based on how people actually learn.

Our values

  • Put people first
  • Never stop learning
  • Be self-starters
  • Innovate through creativity

Who we work with

General Electric
Ralph Lauren
Johnson and Johnson

Our culture

We are building a sustainable team that is passionate about learning and growing. We’re committed to nurturing an inclusive, diverse, and intentional culture. A few perks to expect when you join ELM: quarterly speakers, a positive work culture including our open-door policy, team-building activities, and local charity events because we love helping others!

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Our team

Everyone at ELM is a learner through and through. Author, indoor horticulturist, Ph.D. holder in physics, weekend DJ, award-winning learning architect, the list goes on. Our team brings a wealth of diverse experience to our projects.

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