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Products often come with painfully boring instruction manuals, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Customer training is the answer to delivering your customers a superior experience while learning to use your products. ELM can help you train your customers to get the most out of your products.

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Why a customer Training Program?

Every business aims to develop products so intuitive that customers don’t need much training to use them. But in some business lines, products are intrinsically elaborate or ground-breaking. Moreover, not all your buyers can pick up on your products right away and start using them without instruction.

That’s when customer training can help! A customer training program delivers content that educates your customers on:

  • Your products’ features
  • What they can do for your customers
  • How they work

This is particularly valuable now that:

  • Customers have limited availability to learn to use new products even though they need them
  • Product complexity has increased
customer training

Customer training for the entire customer success lifecycle

Customer training is popular among software companies. However, our customer training solutions don’t stop there! We do customer training development for companies in any sector.

ELM is a customer training agency with the expertise and tools to educate your customers from as early as presale through the customer success lifecycle.

Whatever stage your customers are at, we will produce a customer training program that addresses their needs. Our team will leverage your customers’ knowledge of your products to develop training that will allow your audience to meet the business goals they crave.

Regardless of how complex your product portfolio is, ELM will commit to building a bedrock for customer success. Our customer training solutions are highly effective and engaging as we:

  • Identify your key customers—those who will benefit from your products the most and will advocate for them
  • Focus on the goals of those customers—the reasons behind their need for your products
  • Anticipate the areas in which your key customers might be experiencing usability issues with your products—issues that customer training can fix
  • Determine the gaps in your current customer training program—if you already have one and according to your key customers’ training needs
  • Consider input from your product, customer service, marketing, and sales teams—to get the most holistic blueprint for your future customer training

It’s no problem if you have key customers with different goals! We will design an adaptive customer training program to match distinct customer profiles.

At the end of the day, your customer training will prepare your key customers to use your products for their needs. So, no matter your customers’ intent for your products, they will learn the functionalities that matter most to them.

By delivering your customers the information they need most, they won’t abandon the training because it’s irrelevant to their specific needs. ELM’s customized solutions provide effective, engaging customer training that delivers results. 

Amplify Customer Success With Timely Training

  • Lead generation and customer acquisition are stepping stones for any business, and customer training can enable them. But delivering the product benefits you promised is equally essential, even if your products are the most robust and comprehensive on the market.

    You want your customers to stop looking elsewhere for a solution to their challenges. And the only way to do so is for them to understand how to use your products for any purpose they need.

    Guide your customers through that process with an effective customer training program. In turn, they won’t think twice before buying your products, updating them, or renewing their subscription to achieve their goals.

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  • No.

    Customer training is targeted at these external stakeholders of your business:

    • Customers
    • Partners
    • Resellers