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Software simulations for seamless training

Getting your entire organization on board with new protocols and programming can feel like an uphill battle. Software simulation training helps streamline the pathway by letting learners test and master new software before it’s implemented. 

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Why we love software simulation

If you’ve ever tried to implement a new software or program across an entire organization, you know that it’s not always an easy task. Encouraging employees to make the switch is one thing; making sure everyone knows how to correctly use the software is another. That’s why we love software simulation as a training tool: it highlights a new software’s best features while letting users test drive the program before using it in their roles.

Our process

Software simulation training almost always starts with a robust “hearts and minds” campaign. Before making the switch to or implementing new software, ELM works with you to create a connection between user and program. By using context and highlighting how they’ll benefit from using the new software, we can capture the hearts and minds of learners before they ever begin the simulation. It’s a vital part of the software training process many organizations skip, but it’s one of the most important components of a successful learning experience. 

Once learners are on board and excited about the prospect of new software, we deploy software simulation training. We’ll create realistic walkthroughs and simulation that highlight the software’s features and keep the momentum going. 

Finally, our learning architects build simulations that look and feel like the real software, giving learners a chance to test it out and receive instant feedback. Instead of a “sink or swim” approach, software simulation training means learners take their time to get to know the program, try it out, and learn how it’ll fit into their work life going forward.

Our software simulation combines learning, application, and performance

  • When you need to encourage users to adopt a new technology, building confidence is the key to making it happen. Simulations offer the best of both worlds for learning about new software without the stress of deploying it right away. It provides the ability to practice in realistic situations without the high stakes of actually working with a customer or using the software in their day-to-day. Once that confidence has been built, learners are ready to make the switch without hesitation.

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  • Picture you asking your employees to use a brand new software application without training them in advance. How could they react to that change, especially if the application was highly technical?

    They would likely try to use the application on their own and get frustrated for not being capable. That’s why it’s important to teach your employees to use the applications’ features before asking them to. Introducing software functionality to your employees with software simulation is faster, safer, and more effective.

    When a task is simple to perform and intuitive, you might not need software simulation. It might be enough to demonstrate to your employees how to perform it.

    On the other hand, when the task requires multiple steps, software simulation can help you. It’ll give your employees a safe environment to practice those steps. With a replica of the real system or process, they’ll learn without any risks. For instance, they won’t risk affecting the revenue statement of a real accounting system while learning to issue invoices.

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