Communication skills training for leaders

Difficult workplace conversations are a reality, but they don’t have to be daunting. We can help your team gain the confidence and competence to handle critical discussions effectively.

Tailored for effective workplace leadership communication

We recognize the pivotal role communication plays in shaping organizational culture and success. Our course equips leaders with essential communication techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and active listening skills, empowering them to steer challenging conversations towards positive outcomes.

Why choose ELM’s communication skills training?

  • Strategic focus: Our content is tailored to address key leadership communication challenges, ensuring a direct impact on organizational effectiveness.
  • Real-world applicability: We integrate diverse scenarios and characters, making the content not just educational but directly applicable to your organizational context.
  • Scalable impact: Whether for a small team or an entire organization, our program scales seamlessly to meet your specific needs.

Communications skills training delivery options

Choose the modality that best suits your organizational preferences and objectives. Whether you prefer the flexibility of eLearning, the engagement of instructor-led workshops, or the sustainability of a train-the-trainer program, our communication skills training adapts to your unique needs.

eLearning modules

  • On-demand access for flexible learning
  • Self-paced modules tailored for individual progress
  • Engaging multimedia content for an interactive learning experience

Instructor-led workshop (virtual)

  • Live, interactive sessions led by experienced facilitators
  • Virtual collaboration for remote teams
  • Real-time Q&A and personalized feedback

Instructor-led workshop (in-person)

  • Dynamic face-to-face sessions for immersive learning
  • Group activities and discussions to enhance practical skills
  • Tailored to your organization’s specific needs and culture

Positive Leader: A Comprehensive Program

Seeking a comprehensive training solution for your team’s transformative leadership? Explore Positive Leader. From mastering emotional intelligence to honing critical feedback techniques, our program empowers leaders to reshape team dynamics and drive organizational change. Join us in revolutionizing your leadership approach for lasting impact.

Full Suite of Training

Experience our comprehensive suite of transformative leadership training. Elevate your skills, reshape team dynamics, and foster a positive workplace culture.

The PATâ„ 

Assess and enhance your team’s leadership capabilities with our cutting-edge Positive Assessment Tool (PATâ„ ). Gain insights to refine your team’s individual strengths and address growth areas effectively.

Individual and Team Coaching

Unlock your team’s full potential with personalized coaching. Our expert coaches empower individuals and teams to excel in their roles and drive collective success.

Transforming organizations through communications training

Unlock the keys to organizational success with our targeted communication skills training. By mastering these essential topics, your leaders will not only navigate conversations with confidence but also positively impact your organization’s overall effectiveness.

  • Gain the expertise to navigate critical conversations seamlessly. Empower your leaders to address challenges head-on, fostering a culture of open communication that propels organizational growth.