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A craftsperson must master their craft—at least that’s the expectation of their audience. The same applies to any business. However, a business requires mastery in a handful of technical areas. You can rely on our technical training services to help your employees do their jobs with technical proficiency.

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Better, faster, and less expensive mastery

With effective technical training, your employees will master technical tasks while shrinking the time it takes to perform the tasks. And that helps make your business competitive.

Solutions for technical training increase the effectiveness and efficiency of employees when executing their functions. Whether they’re new to those functions or not, technical training solutions help them do their jobs better and faster—and with fewer resources! For you, that means cutting down on operational costs.

Top talent expects that when a company hires them, it’s ready to provide them with the ultimate technical training. They also expect that technical training is available over time so that they keep at the top of their game.

Also, motivated team members want to develop their technical skills. They’ll feel more confident in performing their jobs, which can lead to their career progression. Confidence at work warms up employee morale as well and improves the quality of work and productivity.

Interactive technical training in practice

We explain to your employees how technical training benefits the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. But that’s just the beginning.

Technical training is different from non-technical training. Our interactive learning activities teach:

  • Procedures by using examples, use cases, and scenarios
  • How to use software tools by explaining, doing, and having participants practice the new skills
  • How to apply lessons in real world situations

When developing interactive learning activities for technical training, we deliver all the technical information. However, that’s not enough—we also focus on the practical application of that content.

For example, if we present the features and functionalities of a software tool, we also show how to use it. That’s the only way for your team members to know what the tool does and be able to apply that information. We also rely on bite-sized content that they can easily understand and apply. It’s a strategy to learn incrementally and give them technical knowledge checkpoints as opportunities to practice more.

How we approach technical training

  • We start by understanding what your ultimate outcomes are. It’s as much about why they’re learning the information as what information they’re learning. For instance, you might need them to read code, code autonomously, or code faster. And computer programming training can offer you any of those outcomes.

    Role-playing examples are part of our technical training solutions. Role-playing is incredibly effective in letting your employees practice giving or receiving performance feedback. Role-playing can also increase customer service or sales skills. Allowing your employees to play the customer in real-world call center scenarios makes your employees more effective and handling customer issues and pushback. 

    Gamification is also a regular presence in our solutions for technical training. For example, badges that certify team members’ technical mastery make them more eager to excel at their jobs.

    Our instructional strategists and designers create technical training solutions that work for any of your employees. They:

    • Complement textual content with visuals. Example: instead of listing the features of a software tool, we can simulate the use of the tool.
    • Synchronize animated videos with written text. Example: we add captions on an animated video on how to send a cold email. 
    • Supplement complex illustrations with other kinds of media. Example: including audio clips or additional text help explain the nuances in a service desk workflow.

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  • Technical training teaches hard skills that your employees need to execute their job tasks. These are tasks that involve abilities that your managers can objectively measure.

    Technical skills are job-specific. In other words, the technical skills that your employees need to develop depend on their functions—and their technical experience.

    Solutions for technical training show how to use software tools and follow procedures for:

    • Specific business domains
    • Areas that support businesses within organizations, regardless of the business domain

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