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Staff augmentation for learning development

Is it always good news when you get more projects or orders on your plate? Well, it depends. You might not have the capacity or expertise in house to meet your client’s demand for learning development. But that’s not a problem! Staff augmentation is just what you need to expand your learning development workforce, and we can provide it.

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Why you need staff augmentation

Sometimes, anticipating your future needs for learning development resources is impossible. It all depends on the nature of your business and how you manage costs. However, don’t feel alone or trapped in a business that relies on contingent workers! Many organizations worldwide are relying on flexible workforces, and so can you.

Top executives being borrowed to fill roles in other companies? That’s staff augmentation. The reason for the collaboration between the executives and the destination company is temporary, such as vacation or illness.

Different industries require external personnel for various reasons:

  • Capacity—to increase human resources due to a spike in customer demand, such as a seasonal peak
  • Expansion—to fulfill a higher human resource capacity while expanding to a new location or creating a new business line, and before hiring permanent employees
  • Expertise—to access and benefit from specialized skills such as scriptwriting or graphic design
  • Strategy—to raise a competitive advantage by reducing the time to market
  • Precaution—to have a variable workforce that works as a buffer to prevent layoffs during unexpected low-demand periods
  • Trial—to test the competence of potential full-time employees

Do you deliver training solutions to your clients? Or develop your own training solutions for internal use? If you do and resonate with the reasons why staff augmentation might solve your problem, we can help you.

A hand-picked learning development workforce for you

We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best options to augment your learning development personnel. Actually, we go further than that and lend you members of our brilliant staff based on your goals and needs.

We know the skill sets of our learning development staff and what they’re able to deliver. So, after carefully selecting them, rest assured they’ll leverage your development of training solutions. They’ll get to know your context in detail, and our learning developers will swiftly set you on a path to achieving your learning development vision.

Hire support for your learning development projects

  • Instructional designers build learning solutions based on their knowledge of learning theory. They take raw content, dive into it, split it into small pieces, and identify key takeaways that your learners should absorb and retain.

    We call these professionals “learning experience designers (LXDs)” because, to us, learning is more than training materials—it’s an experience. Our LXDs work with content and bring edtech, user experience, and design thinking to the table. They can quickly prototype learning solutions to collect early feedback and make changes, which leads to a great product.

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    • Short-term projects
    • Projects of low-to-medium complexity or context, which don’t require a long ramp-up time (unless the supplied talent is highly skilled)
    • Projects that require skilled resources temporarily (as opposed to an ongoing basis)

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