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Microlearning solutions for today’s culture

In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to focus on just one thing at a time. Dedicating hours at a time for learning is a luxury, which is why short and snappy headlines and social media posts are so effective.

This is microlearning: digestible and hyper-relevant bites of information delivered at the exact right moment. With microlearning, less is more and quality counts. From short video clips to pop quizzes to carefully composed tweets, microlearning gets the most important information to the masses.

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Why microlearning?

Thinking smaller isn’t a bad thing. Not only does microlearning save time and deliver information in the moment, but it’s highly autonomous. Learners are more apt to lead themselves through content when that content is broken into bits and delivered in a digestible way. Microlearning methods allow your learner to feel in charge. They can pick and choose applicable lessons while guiding themselves. What’s more, the process respects your learners’ time. After all, a busy professional may only have a few minutes to learn, process, and apply new info.

Microlearning solutions for modern teams

Advances in technology have changed how people process information. Forward-thinking businesses are taking advantage of microlearning to create personalized solutions for employee development. Instead of fighting for learners’ attention, microlearning “shrinks to fit” their focus and fits into openings in their schedules.

Microlearning is the next phase of workforce training evolution. Our clients enjoy the convenience and lower cost that eLearning brings to staff training and development when integrating microlearning. ELM creates microlearning solutions to meet your needs, from hiring and development to ongoing training and general communication. Microlearning is fast, mobile and can be accessed from laptops, smart phones, tablets, and desktops whenever learners have time and focus to spare.

Bite-sized learning, big impact

As learners experience microlearning, the brain finds the shortcuts that it loves to absorb new information. Neurolearning™ is a higher order of education, utilizing learners’ natural instincts and inclinations to help them become learning machines. As you share with your learners, you’re able to make the most of others’ ideas and concepts with the instant gratification of using social media. Microlearning might be the smallest tool in your training arsenal, but it might also be one of the most effective.

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  • Although there’s no strict rule, you can have a course with dozens of units in an hour.

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