Our Sustainability Commitment

ELM is committed to a more sustainable global workforce. We understand our impact goes beyond efforts within our own organization and we seek to encourage and support those actions for those we serve in the L&D community. As we partner with like-minded organizations, ELM utilizes a several-pronged approach to limit our impact on the environment while maximizing our obligation as L&D professionals and global citizens. 

By creating digital materials, ELM helps its clients reduce their reliance on paper goods and carbon-heavy shipping. Digital materials can be altered, updated, and delivered all without the past reliance on printed manuals that are often used once and discarded. Converting to digital content gives our clients the ability to completely remove the need for printing and encourages green delivery methods whenever possible. As an organization, ELM saves and preserves all files digitally rather than in print, reducing our own consumption of nonrenewable resources and reducing our overall waste output as much as possible. 

ELM’s commitment to being an environment-first workplace also extends to our physical surroundings. As a remote workplace, our employees reduce the need to travel to a home office, further reducing our organization’s carbon footprint. While we acknowledge the complexity of personal carbon emission output, our remote workplace gives employees the option to avoid using fossil fuels as a daily tool and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and building utilities. We encourage employees and partners alike to utilize online communication tools, create environmentally-friendly workspaces and enjoy the benefits of a community that is never confined by four walls.

As we work to reduce ELM’s carbon footprint and invest in renewable tools, we are always looking for ways to improve our approach to our company and the organizations we serve. It is our firm belief that we can have real and lasting influence as we continue to work toward becoming a carbon-neutral organization. We know that no effort goes wasted when it comes to protecting our planet and commit to the small and simple steps that contribute to a healthier, more sustainable work—and global—environment.