Custom eLearning overview

Reimagine your eLearning solutions

Our custom eLearning solutions are built for the unique training needs of real-life learning. Let’s unlock the full potential of your organization, together.

Our approach

Off-the-shelf training programs deliver the bare minimum: a simple-to-administer program that keeps learners engaged—some of the time. You deserve more than the minimum. We take an approach that is grounded in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Complemented with out-of-this-world instructional design, our custom eLearning services are recognized to result in higher learner engagement, deeper and longer lasting knowledge retention, and faster information recall.

When creating custom eLearning solutions, our guiding principles include:

  • Understand the learner’s journey
  • Establish tangible outcomes
  • Develop tools based on Neurolearning™ and cognitive psychology
  • Use interactivity to promote deep engagement
  • Provide realistic feedback and on-demand performance support
  • Measure learning effectiveness

Our custom eLearning solutions

Our skilled team of animators, learning architects, gamification pros, and graphic designers offer custom eLearning development to meet all of your brand’s needs.

eLearning Instructional Design

Optimized eLearning starts with a strategic approach to learner experiences.

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Mobile Learning

Give your learners the opportunity to experience customized training content anytime, anywhere.

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Animated Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, but custom animations and illustrations deliver so much more.

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Effective learning happens through small learning units and short-term learning activities.

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People often think office games are a way to avoid working. Well, think again.

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Infographics & Job Aids

ELM designs job aids that are engaging, clear, and simple so your message makes an immediate impact.

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Blended Learning

Let ELM come up with the perfect combination of in-person and online learning experiences.

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Visual Storytelling

Learners are heroes and learning is their journey. ELM helps tell the story to engage and connect.

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Translations & Localization

Speak to learners no matter where your organization takes them by working with ELM to localize your content.

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Make learning more personalized by letting learners choose their own adventure with ELM's branching services.

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We believe everyone should have access to learning. Our experts make sure your training works for all abilities.

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Avg # of illustrations developed for one min of animation


Avg # of design/development hours spent on a project


# of tools used by our design & dev team


% of ELM courses that utilize custom animation


  • They’re eLearning solutions that fit perfectly the goals of both the organization and its employees. And learning experience designers customize those solutions to get that impeccable match.

    Also, custom eLearning solutions integrate your brand into the learning experience—not just by using your logo! We design the experience and create the content to connect your staff with your company’s soul and expectations.

    On the opposite side of the table, you have off-the-shelf eLearning solutions. These target specific industries or sectors, for instance, but a much broader audience.

Case studies

See how we’ve taken inspired ideas and transformed them into workable realities for our clients.

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MillerCoors Onboarding Revamp

MillerCoors is the authority on beer but struggled when it came to being the authority on effective onboarding. ELM designed an eLearning course that helped new employees understand each department and their unique responsibilities so new recruits saw themselves as a vital cog in the MillerCoors machine.

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