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Machine learning is a term that encapsulates the ways data and technology can be manipulated to improve the learning process. It does much of the legwork to create a personalized learning environment and results in more effective, impactful experiences.

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Understanding machine learning

Knowledge is power, but when it comes to analyzing your learners, knowledge is more the power to predict the future. Machine learning gives you the ability to better track your learners through big data—a strategy often used for marketing can also work in predicting learner behavior and matching each person to the eLearning module that is best for them.

In essence, machine learning and big data can help you tell the story of the outcome of your eLearning efforts long before learners act. By interpreting the data and targeting areas which may need fortification, additional design elements, or even a complete redesign, you create more effective modules tailored to your learners’ specific needs.

Our process

Our learning architects are experts at gathering and interpreting data for more efficient modules and experiences. Building the framework for more intelligent learning means creating opportunities to personalize learning and make the most out of learner interactions.

First, we’ll work to understand your organization’s goals and the role your data plays in meeting those targets. Machine learning helps you understand the bigger picture: the data might show that a learner has completed a course, but there’s more to the story than that. Analytics can indicate a learner’s subject mastery or link previous learning to similar topics to keep the training path going. The tech on its own is impressive, but it’s the application of that tech that enhances personalized learning.

Intelligent, beautiful design

  • Machine learning allows us to design intelligent learning. It might sound counterintuitive, but relying on machines and datasets actually individualizes the process. Anyone who’s developed learning and training materials can tell you that, sometimes, we create too much of a good thing. Years of materials and content can create bloated modules that feel generic and sluggish, which frustrates even the most enthusiastic learners. 

    Machine learning can extract data that helps you create more robust learner profiles, allowing you to deliver streamlined information to your learners that is hyper-relevant to their behavior, careers, and goals.

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