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Blended learning combines the best of two training environments—traditional face-to-face training and eLearning. Our blended learning solutions engage all learners: those who learn better in a structured environment with an instructor and independent learners who learn better with semi-autonomous, computer-based training.

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Engage employees with blended learning

Blended learning works by taking every type of learner into account, whether they prefer the familiar, traditional classroom, would rather learn online, or are interested in trying a mixture. Without the limitations of a classroom or all-online course, blended learning utilizes a variety of methodologies so the content can be customized to the learner and optimized for the subject matter. 

Blended learning is an interactive experience in every sense of the word. Learners reinforce the offline lessons by practicing online through a variety of different content media, each geared to suit a certain learning style. Learners can choose which type of content they want to interact with, practice what they learn, and communicate with instructors and other learners at any time and on any device. The community experience keeps learners engaged and informs teachers about their progress and areas needing more attention.

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ELM Learning’s extensive experience in creating seamless blended learning solutions gives you access to interactive, engaging, and individual training. With blended learning, ELM considers the true cost of L&D. In-class training may seem like a cheaper option when compared to eLearning development, but it also requires time away from work, paying instructors, and flying in remote employees. A blended eLearning approach cuts down on travel costs and can be used again and again, which reduces instructor time as well. ELM Learning creates blended learning programs that repurpose your current content while building engagement so learners get the best of both worlds.

How we approach blended learning

  • ELM knows that blended learning relies on the right combinations. Community and autonomy. Online and offline. Design and data. While not all face-to-face training is easily translated to digital content, it’s possible to re-engineer existing content for online delivery in a way that complements the existing training. Blended learning uses online and offline technologies in tandem, allowing instructors to quickly adopt the latest learning trends and modalities into the curriculum. Instructors also use built-in reporting features in most LMS software programs for deeper, data-driven insights into student progress and success. 

    While the classroom offers an opportunity for roleplaying with immediate face-to-face feedback, online learning offers personalized, self-paced learning with eLearning/mLearning components that lend themselves to interactive media such as skill-building, games, videos, tutorials, quizzes, and social media components, all accessible from the learner’s home page in the LMS—and accessible from the learner’s smartphone or tablet.

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Changing Hearts & Minds With Food Law

The legal department of a multinational confectionary and food products manufacturer was ready and willing to offer guidance through the production process, but found that it wasn’t being effectively utilized by employees. While they had plenty of helpful content, ELM knew that instilling confidence in the department was priority #1. Our designers helped change the way employees saw legal while highlighting what the department had to offer.

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OMG Diversity & Inclusion Training

OMG rolled out a major Diversity & Inclusion initiative and needed learning that could drive behavioral change within the organization. The learning had to be fun to ensure employees would participate and engage with the material.

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MillerCoors Onboarding Revamp

MillerCoors is the authority on beer but struggled when it came to being the authority on effective onboarding. ELM designed an eLearning course that helped new employees understand each department and their unique responsibilities so new recruits saw themselves as a vital cog in the MillerCoors machine.

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