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Product training that pays off

A great salesperson knows their product as well as they know themself! That’s why our product training solutions are so important. They get your sales staff fully aware and confident about what your product can do for your customers. And that’s the fast track to a closed-won.

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Why product training development means revenue

A rockstar salesperson must know the product they’re selling backward and forward, right? That enables them to feel ready and comfortable when explaining your product’s value to prospects. And showing your prospects what your product can do for them is paramount for your business’s success. It may reveal to them a need that they didn’t know they had.

A product training program promotes the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge of your product. It also positions your sales staff as authorities in your business area. In turn, that helps your prospects decide how much your product is worth to them.

Product-based sales readiness

The way we develop product training makes salespeople more effective by:

  • Teaching them to use the product
  • Teaching them how to prove that the product beats the competition and offers more value than others

How do we do it? Instead of relying on illustrated, long-form written content, we use other platforms such as video and mobile learning solutions.

Also, we assess product knowledge and product usage skills with quizzes. That way, we support you in understanding your sales personnel’s readiness to sell.

Our approach to product training

  • We believe in showing—not just telling—prospects that your product is the best in its category. Therefore, training product knowledge equals the ability to demonstrate the need for the product. 

    We know the advantages of quick, easy, and convenient ways to absorb knowledge and apply it. Anytime. Anywhere. Plus, we know how important it is to develop product training programs with the perfect timing. Your sales staff needs to learn the details of the most recent features before the product launch.

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  • Not exactly. Your sales personnel must know enough to demonstrate to your prospects how your product works. They should also be able to elaborate on how a single product relates to the rest of your product portfolio.

    Your sales reps might not be experts in the subject matter of your product. They just need to know enough to talk about your product in a prospect’s language. However, because they chat with prospects at different levels of subject matter expertise, they should know details. And as they move along the sales funnel, they should know how to determine the number of details they provide.

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