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Virtual reality development for immersive training

Virtual reality is no longer a thing that exists only within sci-fi movies. It may be virtual, but it’s also engaging, and it’s effective for corporate learning. Our reality is turning your training dreams into an immersive educational reality for you, your employees, and your partners. Our expertise at virtual and augmented reality development is anything but fictional!

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Captivate employees with immersive VR education

The ultimate way to engage your employees with training programs is by using virtual reality and augmented reality. Why? When used in training courses, virtual reality adds computer-generated information to virtual training environments. And those environments aren’t your employees’ current surroundings.

Augmented reality adds computer-generated information to real surroundings. It’s real-time information that the technology displays to your employees with their current surroundings in the background.

As an immersive learning agency, we excel at VR and AR development. Once you deliver immersive learning experiences to your employees, sit back and watch their motivation and information retention skyrocket.

We know our way around VR development technology

Virtual reality relies on technology such as specific glasses, which your employees wear during training. Our creatives love to create avatars that match your culture and your employees’ style. Our design team creates virtual worlds in which your teams will immerse themselves while growing their knowledge.

For AR development, we use image recognition and, for instance, your employees’ smartphone cameras. Together, image recognition and cameras scan and recognize what your employees point at. Then, your AR training solution displays certain information on your employees’ smartphone screens, such as definitions or animations.

Strong reasons to invest in virtual reality development

  • That’s reason number one for you to invest in VR and AR training. VR and AR engages your employees with the learning content and activities. And when an employee immerses themselves in the learning experience, their retention and motivation increases.

    • Learning outcomes? Check!
    • Talent development? Check!
    • Employee retention? Check, check, check!

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  • Virtual reality:

    • A virtual store in which newly-hired storekeepers would deal with angry customers
    • A virtual trip to the inside of a factory to learn the process of manufacturing a product
    • A virtual city tour to teach tour guides everything about it without having to take them to the actual places

    Augmented reality:

    Employees would install an augmented reality app on their smartphones. Then, they would point their smartphones’ cameras to the objects mentioned below to obtain information about them, such as:

    • Learning to operate a piece of equipment 
    • Fixing a complex system like a broken car or computer
    • Training tour guides to speak about pieces of art exhibited at a museum
    • Teaching retail workers to restock shelves by walking around a real store.

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Gamified Onboarding Experience

How do you make a new work environment feel like home on day one? A large pet retailer wanted to increase confidence in new associates so they felt comfortable in their stores. Our eLearning design made first-day training a more interactive process with plenty of in-the-moment feedback to better prepare employees to make recommendations and guide customers through the store.

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Unconscious Bias Training Program

A global company knows that personalities, backgrounds, and culture are what makes an organization truly great. At the same time, our client, a large employment website, also knew that managers might need a refresher on confronting their unconscious biases to more effectively and empathetically lead their teams. Our project with Indeed focused on illustrations and scenarios that gave managers a more holistic idea of what leadership looks like in 2021.

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