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Animated videos make great eLearning tools

Animated training videos in eLearning modules help learners visualize complex concepts. Brains love visual learning and metaphor. ELM uses our Neurolearning™ expertise to create animated videos that keep brains happy.

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We love animated training for eLearning

It’s no secret that humans are visual learners. While pictures can tell a story, custom animations can add elements that brains truly crave, deepening the learning connection. At ELM, we use our vast experience in neuroscience and learning pedagogy to create animations that teach complex concepts in deceptively simple ways.

Animation has the power to direct attention, create emotional connections, and boost engagement in learners who might otherwise miss the big picture. Animation training videos allow learners to experience metaphorical situations, learn more about cause and effect, and gain a deeper understanding than if they were simply told about it in a PowerPoint presentation or training session.

Our animated training process

Customers usually come to us knowing that they want animation in their training in one form or another. We determine what parts of the training are best suited for animation, and figure out how the budget, audience, and learning goals match up to the level of animation.

With a budget and timeline in mind, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a scriptwriter, creating the storyline that brings your training to life. The scriptwriter will brainstorm story ideas, matching the content and tone your training requires to engage your learners. With a story outline in hand, the animation process begins. 

We approach the animated training video production process with two key ingredients: intention and intelligence. When used incorrectly, animation can seem overwhelming or superfluous, so our animators work with scriptwriters to identify when and how to loop in engaging graphics and animated scenarios. The secret to the right balance is never using animation solely to liven up an otherwise dull presentation. Instead, animation is used thoughtfully to illustrate scenarios and direct learner attention throughout the training. 

Whether it’s an explainer video, complex tech training, marketing materials, or general training modules, animation breathes life into eLearning for an engaging, dynamic experience.

We measure results

Our talented learning and development specialists don’t just develop courses, they create measurable goals to make sure your learners are actually able to apply the skills they set out to deliver. We measure learner comprehension using knowledge checks, interactive gaming, and other tools. Animation helps learners see themselves as characters in the story, so it’s easy to build in knowledge checks or even choose-your-own-adventure  options that offer immediate feedback for both learners and administrators. 

We know this works because our clients say so. And—remember that we work with our clients to create detailed storyboards, so there are no surprises. We know how the story ends—happily ever after.

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  • However you want! We can do anything from incorporating animated GIFs into existing training to explain an idea or show what button to click to creating fully customized animated videos that put your learners into real-world scenarios to teach them important information or concepts. Our designers work with you to find the best animation solution for your needs.

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