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VILT for today’s worker

Digital transformations have changed the way we work. With a sizable portion of the workforce expected to remain fully remote, virtual workspaces are unlikely to disappear. Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) offers enriching, hands-on, remote learning experiences for today’s worker.

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Sometimes, even the most advanced tech solutions can’t replace person-to-person interactions. With virtual instructor-led training, you can still incorporate roleplay, collaboration, and discussion to ensure complete topic mastery, no matter where your learners are.

Our process


Our learning strategists will analyze your program’s pre-existing content, business goals, marketing tactics, branding, and learner needs before advising on a virtual instructor-led training method.


We utilize proven motivational and engaging learning tools to bring value and change to learners’ day-to-day behavior. By leveraging a combination of adult cognitive theories and design thinking principles, we ensure that every learner touchpoint creates a holistic training experience from start to finish.


Our virtual instructor-led training offers practical solutions across all disciplines. We’ll leverage your content into a virtual experience that retains the spark of traditional in-person ILT.

Transform ILT into VILT

We love ILT because it’s personal and engaging, even if impractical in today’s digital world. ELM will keep what makes your training special in the first place by simply converting your learning materials and content into a digital framework. With virtual instructor-led training, you can keep the magic of ILT, even when teaching from a distance.

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  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) are training sessions that occur in a virtual or simulated environment. Many companies are pivoting from ILT to VILT. Take advantage of conferencing and collaboration tools to retain the interactive spirit of ILT while providing learners with the flexibility to learn at any time, anywhere.

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