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Sales enablement training to improve selling

At ELM, we love helping success find its way into your pocket! Our sales enablement training solutions can get your sales reps selling more. We’ll equip your organization with the processes and tool knowledge that they need to become more effective and assertive.

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Why you need sales enablement training

Sales enablement training sets up your sales team for success.

  • The onboarding of your sales reps takes ages. Effective sales enablement training onboards new sales reps faster.
  • If you only have a few top-performing sales reps from which most of your revenue originates, you need to make your average-performing sales reps higher performers. 
  • If you have great content that could help your sales reps with their work, but they don’t use it know where it is, we can turn it into engaging sales enablement training that increases sales rep performance.


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Growth-ready sales enablement solutions

Sales enablement training supports you in:

  • Approaching sales performance as a continuous process improvement mission
  • Developing a high-performance sales culture

Sales enablement training goes farther than training sales reps to behave in a certain by-the-book way with prospects. It focuses not only on the ability to sell, but also on the entire sales process. And that includes the tools and the content that sales reps should use. Thus, they feel more supported and rely on a less subjective system to raise the bar.

We focus on content, processes, and practice

  • Everything we deliver to our clients is highly customized. With our sales enablement training solutions, you’ll enable a tailored commercial transformation at your organization.

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    • Empowering sales reps to work with content, processes, and tools that allow them to hit sales targets more effectively
    • Preparing everyone in the organization who can pass on valuable content to sales reps
    • Measuring sales success the way that’s best for your organization
    • Defining and measuring the metrics to prove that your sales reps are achieving sales targets
    • Providing sales teams the opportunity to practice the execution of new sales processes

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