Corporate Training overview

Upskill your workforce

Corporate training gets a bad rap, and rightly so. It can be long, dated, and boring. At ELM, we create customized and engaging corporate learning experiences that inspire and motivate learners.

Our approach

“Captivating” and “fun” are not usually associated with corporate training, which is unfortunate. Corporate learning should be an act of care rather than an obligation.

At ELM, we want learners to relate and engage with the content. That’s why we use creative storytelling, interactive graphics and animations, and user preferences to create real connections to deliver more effective training.

Our corporate training services

Whether your workforce requires compliance training or you’re just hoping to improve teamwork and empathy, we have corporate training services to engage and inspire.

Customer Training

Enable your customers to use your products to their benefit and realize that customer training is highly lucrative for you too

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Franchise Training

Set up a customer-satisfying and profitable store network with franchise training development.

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Marketing & Communications Training

Develop cohesive strategies to capture customer attention and drive products to market.

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Software Simulation

Use software simulations to safely and effectively introduce software functionality to your employees.

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Leadership Development Training

Our training solutions for corporate leadership development will build the foundation for a sustainable and competitive organization.

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Product Training

Turn employees into ambassadors through engaging corporate product training.

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Soft Skills Training

Improve your employees’ soft skills over time through personalized learning that fosters empathy.

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Sales Enablement Training

Provide sales with the right tools at the right time so they can focus on doing what they do best.

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Workplace Harassment Training

Abolish harassment at work with approachable content and a clear no-tolerance policy.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning encapsulates the ways data and technology can be manipulated to improve the learning process.

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Cybersecurity Training

Protect teams from risks through a corporate culture of security compliance.

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Brand Training

Employees who are knowledgeable about their company’s brand serve as the best resource to promote it.

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Technical Training

The key to success starts with the right training, easy access to resources, and an informed workforce.

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Diversity & Inclusion Training

Successful companies do not just tolerate differences between people, they value them.

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Employee Onboarding

Give new hires the best opportunity to succeed from day one.

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Safety Training

Minimize workplace injuries and accidents through in-depth safety training.

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Compliance Training

Finally, a compliance training program that was created to inspire.

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  • Oh, where do we begin? So many reasons…

    Here are some of the reasons to invest in corporate learning services:

    • Raise employee performance — by broadening their knowledge and developing their skills, making them a more confident, productive, and efficient workforce
    • Expand your staff’s functions — by preparing them to take on new roles or activities within their current roles
    • Keep up with changes that affect the business (or industry) — such as new technology, standards, or regulations, to innovate and stay ahead of the competition
    • Help your employees adapt to changes in the workplace — by developing their soft skills such as emotional intelligence and communication
    • Increase the cost-efficiency of your HR — as new hires are more expensive than training your current workforce
    • Boost your staff’s motivation — by creating a culture of support and appreciation, so they dedicate and commit more to your company
    • Improve employee retention — by stressing out their contribution to the success of the company and the company’s investment in their on-job success
    • Get more revenue and profits — by training managers and directors to make better decisions, lead better, and innovate
    • Grow collaboration and teamwork — by creating opportunities for employees to learn together and help each other while doing it
    • Advance employer reputation — as developing your staff members’ careers makes them happy and contributes to attracting new talent
    • Obtain higher profit margins — by developing high-value skills and offering certification training paths, resulting in a higher revenue

Case studies

See how we’ve taken inspired ideas and transformed them into workable realities for our clients.

Changing Hearts & Minds With Food Law

The legal department of a multinational confectionary and food products manufacturer was ready and willing to offer guidance through the production process, but found that it wasn’t being effectively utilized by employees. While they had plenty of helpful content, ELM knew that instilling confidence in the department was priority #1. Our designers helped change the way employees saw legal while highlighting what the department had to offer.

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COVID Safety & Wellness Training

In March 2020, we couldn’t have predicted the way that COVID-19 would permanently change the face of the American workplace. With ever-changing guidelines and recommendations, our client, a large social media company, needed a way to disseminate new information to employees as they worked from home and (eventually) made their return to the workplace.

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OMG Diversity & Inclusion Training

OMG rolled out a major Diversity & Inclusion initiative and needed learning that could drive behavioral change within the organization. The learning had to be fun to ensure employees would participate and engage with the material.

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