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Do you want to cut through the crowd of franchisors and speak to aspiring franchisees like your competitors can’t? Franchise training development is the solution that will skyrocket your odds of appealing to and growing high-profit franchisees. ELM can help you lay the foundation for a successful franchising business model through training development.

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Franchise training development leverages reputation, trust, and growth

If your next business-growth move is franchising, we know you’re looking for replicas of your brand that do this:

  • Deliver your products to customers consistently regardless of location
  • Bring in financial success year after year in a sustainable way

We also know that franchise training programs are paramount to achieving that consistency and sustainability.

An effective franchising business translates to a location network that delivers a consistent customer experience. So, your franchise training program should equip all your franchisees with the resources to offer that predictability to your customers. 

In the end, franchise training is about teaching your brand and its reputation to your franchisees. And if done right, you’ll build an audience of trusting customers who will buy from you wherever they are.

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No off-the-shelf franchise training programs

You can’t buy an off-the-shelf franchise training solution that will fit your products or customers the way you need! Your brand is unique—ven another similar business’s former franchisee won’t have the knowledge or tools to operate your franchise.

Franchise systems are not all the same, so each one calls for a customized franchise training program. And just like your franchise system is one-of-a-kind, so is our approach to franchise training development.

We customize your franchise training for these things:

  • Your company’s mission, vision, goals, culture, values, and structure
  • Your product portfolio and target audience
  • Your marketing and sales strategy
  • Your market positioning
  • Your supply chain
  • Your POS and other IT systems
  • Your support lines for franchisees
  • Your policies and procedures

Prepare Franchisees Effectively

  • Customers already know your brand, but you need to train your franchisees to live up to their expectations. Franchise training development enables your customers to feel the same whether they visit your company-owned or a franchisee’s store.


    By developing franchise training with us, you’ll make sure that this is what happens:

    • All store interiors will be stylized the same way.
    • All stores will display products the same way.
    • All store assistants and managers will communicate the same way with your customers.

    Bottom line: Franchise training will create the conditions for your customers to feel compelled to buy your products anywhere.

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  • Most definitely!

    For instance, we adjust your franchise training program to these variables:

    • Location—in person, online, or a combination of both
    • Trainer—who will deliver the training
    • Duration—whether it’s a matter of weeks or months
    • Topics—depending on your industry and business

    We also accommodate different franchisor requirements in your franchise training development, such as:

    • Pre-training modules for franchisees to complete online
    • Initial training customized to franchisees, store managers, or other roles
    • Training franchisees or their operational representatives to become able to train their staff

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