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Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs

At the heart of our approach to diversity and inclusion training lies a commitment to fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued. Our work emphasizes the importance and benefit of making inclusion part of your everyday culture.

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Rethinking diversity and inclusion (D&I) training

Even with the best intentions, many D&I training programs leave out the human element, resulting in experiences that feel cold and disconnected from how employees really work. We bring emotion back into diversity training to address unconscious bias, improve accessibility, and create experiences that are impactful and intentional.

Our diversity and inclusion training program process

We aim for open and honest conversations.

Asking difficult questions allows for self-reflection and growth. Where are your organizational blind spots? How have your employees reacted to diversity training in the past? By bringing honesty into the process, we’re better able to create custom programs that address your organization’s unique needs to build a healthier, more inclusive culture.

We help chart a new path forward.

It’s hard to acknowledge past shortfalls. But we know that any organization that is actively seeking to improve how it approaches diversity and inclusion is on the right track. Let us guide you through the process of creating honest, authentic content and training opportunities.

How we approach diversity training

  • Can your employees see themselves in your training? Whether you use animation, narration, or a combination of multimedia, creating more inclusive content helps your employees picture themselves as part of the narrative. When your content only represents one type of team member, others can feel unseen. We ensure that the content ELM builds represents and respects the full spectrum of your organization’s diverse workforce.

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  • Diversity and inclusion training educates employees about differences in race, gender, ability, and generation. This type of training illuminates core strengths rather than divisive differences.

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Unconscious Bias Training Program

A global company knows that personalities, backgrounds, and culture are what makes an organization truly great. At the same time, our client, a large employment website, also knew that managers might need a refresher on confronting their unconscious biases to more effectively and empathetically lead their teams. Our project with Indeed focused on illustrations and scenarios that gave managers a more holistic idea of what leadership looks like in 2021.

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