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Managed services for L&D projects

Most in-house designed corporate training programs can be plotted as a bell curve. They often start slowly and cautiously, peak in interest after the initial deployment, and then slowly trend downward as learners lose interest or the program becomes too much to manage. As a managed service provider for eLearning, ELM eliminates the ebbs and flows of engagement, keeping interest high and leveraging data to make better decisions every step of the way.

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Why managed services for eLearning?

Managed services go beyond designing your eLearning program. While the design constitutes a large portion of managed services, they’re better described as continuous support for your training initiatives. We understand that most organizations aren’t equipped to develop, design, manage, and track training on a holistic level, so we offer managed services to achieve better results from start to finish. Managed services help you better utilize your available resources for a more efficient approach.

eLearning project management, from start to finish

Every organization’s training strategy is different, so it makes sense that managed services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, our project managers are experts at designing programs, troubleshooting past issues, and driving efficient eLearning experiences. Our managed services offer as much or as little support you need to design, deploy, and scale your training.

Managed services to keep your project on track

  • Whether or not you have a dedicated learning & development (L&D) team, your training requires support beyond simple deployment. Effective training requires extensive maintenance, administration, and user experience design that you might not have the resources to execute yourself. Our managed services for L&D maximizes your time and budget, allocating resources to where you need them most. Instead of getting bogged down in the details, we let you lead with your strengths and help you manage the rest. ELM’s project managers can help you create a realistic timeline, stay on budget, and track your ROI so you’re able to make better decisions along the way.

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  • Managed services for eLearning are essentially support services that help you design, deploy, scale, and maintain your efforts. Managed services could be anything from applying LXD to your current program to managing an LMS, overall project management, or curating data. It’s anything we can do to support your training goals.

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