Learning Strategy overview

Create more impactful training with ELM

Whether it’s finding the right off-the-shelf program, starting a custom program from scratch, or some combination of the two, we create learning experiences that are tailor made for your organization. You only have a few seconds to cut through distractions and grab your learner’s attention. The right combination of Neurolearning™ and UX makes all the difference in developing a training strategy that maximizes your learners’ time and keeps your organization’s objectives front and center.

Our approach

At ELM, we combine what we know about focus, attention, and memory with customized learning solutions that reflect your company’s structure, culture, and unique goals. We create learning that is highly accessible and perfectly balanced to deliver the right combination of content, context, and impact for highly dynamic training, from the very first moment to the final wrap-up. Your organization has specific needs, and your employees deserve relevant, engaging eLearning. ELM creates custom solutions using a neurolearning approach grounded in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and complemented with out-of-this-world instructional design. This approach results in instructionally sound digital learning experiences with proven higher engagement, deeper learning, and faster recall.

Our learning services

ELM’s in-house team of project managers, designers, animators, and learning architects mean we have every learning solution available for your next training project.

Custom Mobile App Development

Would your organization benefit from a custom app? In the past, that might have meant a big budget and months of outsourcing development and coding, but as a full-service eLearning company, ELM can help you develop custom mobile apps as part of your training strategy. Let us brainstorm, build, code, and launch tools your learners will use in their roles every day.

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Immersive Learning (AR/VR)

Don’t make the mistake of considering them buzzwords: augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are what’s next in eLearning strategy. As an eLearning company on the forefront of training tech, we’ll leverage the right amount of AR and VR to support your content without distracting from your main message and goals.

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Customizable Leadership Training

Off-the-shelf leadership training can feel generic and colorless. Even if you don’t have the resources to build leadership training from the ground up, our customizable leadership programs give you the tools to pick and choose content that fits your goals.

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Learning Measurement

How do you measure a learning experience? It might seem impossible, but we know that metrics are vital and data is beautiful. By working with you to define your objectives, we can build learning measurement tools into your program so you can easily see how learners are doing and how to support their learning journeys.

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Managed Services

Launching an eLearning strategy is one thing, but managing your learners’ training experience is another task entirely. Our managed services support team can help you launch, track, update, and measure your program so you always know your next move.

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Staff Augmentation

Let us fill in the gaps. Our eLearning team is made up of talented learning architects, graphic designers, coders, 508-compliance experts, QA leads, and animators. Our staff augmentation services give you the benefit of a full spectrum of eLearning experts so your employees can focus on their own evolving roles.

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Curriculum Blueprint/Roadmap

We believe that training is about the journey, which is why we help our clients develop comprehensive curriculum blueprints that focus on each individual step. Our eLearning roadmaps give you the confidence you need to keep learners on track and working toward personal and organizational goals.

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  • ELM works mostly from scratch to create custom solutions, but we combine off-the-shelf multimedia production tools and custom solutions for the perfect balance (and to stay mindful of your L&D budget).

Case studies

Check out how we’ve taken inspired ideas and transformed them into workable realities for our clients.

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Gamified Onboarding Experience

How do you make a new work environment feel like home on day one? A large pet retailer wanted to increase confidence in new associates so they felt comfortable in their stores. Our eLearning design made first-day training a more interactive process with plenty of in-the-moment feedback to better prepare employees to make recommendations and guide customers through the store.

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Unconscious Bias Training Program

A global company knows that personalities, backgrounds, and culture are what makes an organization truly great. At the same time, our client, a large employment website, also knew that managers might need a refresher on confronting their unconscious biases to more effectively and empathetically lead their teams. Our project with Indeed focused on illustrations and scenarios that gave managers a more holistic idea of what leadership looks like in 2021.

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