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Great onboarding training is like a first impression—if it’s a fabulous and welcoming learning experience, learners will feel a deep connection to your organization from the start. We offer the best custom onboarding solutions for your new hires and transferred employees. 

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Employee onboarding training means productivity and more

A custom onboarding program is a precious training tool to make your employees effective contributors to your organization. Regardless of their experience, an effective solution accommodates:

  • Newly hired team members
  • Employees transferred to new positions or departments

Onboarding solutions provide more than just adaptation to a new organization, position, or department. They:

  • Set up new hires or transferred employees to be productive from the beginning
  • Create a positive and long-lasting first impression of your organization

The way we understand employee onboarding training

We look at the purpose of employee onboarding training from multiple perspectives. Onboarding should:

  • Allow new hires or transferred employees to achieve their full potential when facing challenges in their new work context
  • Ensure that everything new hires or transferred employees do at their new organization, position, or department aligns with the business goals

Our goal with onboarding training is to promote a sense of pride toward your brand and the organization’s culture.

We also keep it positive. We don’t spend time telling your new employees what they can’t do. Our positive approach fosters creativity, communication, drive, and efficiency. They’ll become productive team members that not only follow your rules, but also put effort into innovating—and they’ll do both confidently. In addition, our onboarding solutions are always diverse and inclusive.

How we empower your employees to achieve confidently

With our custom onboarding training, we teach your new team members all about their new roles. But that’s not the full package! We also teach them how their role fits into the success of your business. The clear notion that their job is significant empowers them  to achieve more.

Our process of developing a custom onboarding solution for you revolves around your definition of employee success. It’s easier to excel and be confident that they’re on the right track if the steps are clear. So, we make it our mission to help you teach them those steps through the use of:

  • Specific examples from your experience with other employees
  • Performance numbers, such as monthly sales

We balance the value of the content we create for your custom onboarding and the amount of information in it. Too much information can overload and stress out your new team members. The best way to hand new information over to them is by customizing it to their new role and disclosing it slowly.

It’s important to tell your new team members your organization’s history, its purpose, and track record of growth. But we spice onboarding solutions with:

  • What-would-you-do or role-playing games, a safe way to practice skills
  • Stories, especially visual stories
  • Branching scenarios, for decision-making training
  • Interactive quizzes

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  • Preparation is key when it comes to thriving in new contexts such as a new living or work environment. Employee onboarding training is not a meeting, an event, or an activity with new hires to provide them guidance or practical information. It’s a process that takes longer, involves different activities, and produces different outcomes.

    An employee onboarding training process enables your new hires or transferred resources to:

    • Obtain relevant information
    • Develop their knowledge and skills
    • Adjust their behaviors to a new work context

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