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Visual storytelling to spark interest in training

Visuals and stories plus a well-conceived eLearning strategy equal a superb learning experience based on visual storytelling. But wait! What comes with the experience itself is magnificent: super-engaged and focused learners. Our custom visual stories make your team more knowledgeable, for a longer time.

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Focus, understand, and remember with visual storytelling

One of the toughest challenges for any instructor is engaging learners with their training program. Distracted, bored learners do not learn effectively. And we’re positive that you want to deliver engaging learning experiences to your team.

We put our expertise in visual storytelling into practice and incorporate it into our eLearning solutions. Your team members just need to fasten their seat belts and enjoy the learning ride! Our written context, illustrations, and animated videos will keep them highly motivated and focused.

Our custom visual stories will improve the retention of new knowledge in the long-term memory of your learners. As humans, we understand and remember information better if it is presented visually.

Building knowledge through similarities

We know that visuals produce a faster and stronger reaction in learners than words. That’s why we tell stories with visuals.

We outline the story based on your learning objectives. For instance, each video in a series of animated videos that we create can tackle a learning objective. Put together, the series of videos covers all the objectives. Our videos are easy to search for in the future if your learners need to review a specific lesson.

To develop visual stories that your team members can relate to, we research their motivations, interests, and language. Then we use characters and other elements that align with those variables. We try to use characters and elements that resemble ones that they can find in your organization.

Metaphors help your team absorb new concepts by using concepts they already know. Therefore, we use metaphors to offer them an intuitive learning experience.

Visual stories like no other

Here’s how we give you training solutions with unique visual stories:

  • The visuals we create for you don’t fit any other organization.
  • We customize them to your mission, vision, values, goals, and the characteristics of your team.
  • Our visuals do, however, reflect the human experience in general.
  • We use archetypal characters—or types of characters with common characteristics—to convey the story’s message.
  • We tie stories very closely to your learning objectives to teach lessons more effectively.
  • And we treasure details and use them to boost knowledge through the visual stories we tell. Details make our stories credible and moving—therefore engaging and effective.

Overall, we work to deliver you the most impactful stories tailored to your team.

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